Custom Home Division – Steps To Owning

Custom Home – Planning Your Home
The Process to Planning – Building – Owning

Faganel Builders Custom Division

Faganel Builders wants to make the planning and building process of your new custom home a fun, simple and exciting experience. We have developed a processing program that follows a step-by-step timeframe so there are no surprises and both you and Faganel Builders will always “be on the same page”. Below are the steps shown in a simplified format…

STEP 1 – DEPOSIT A refundable, mutually agreed upon deposit will begin the process. During this time we will determine your needs, discuss home plans and lot needs and discuss preliminary timing and pricing.

STEP 2 – CONTRACT A purchase Agreement is drawn up and a non-refundable earnest payment is due at signing and the agreement is subject to your attorneys review. This will start the estimating process, lot finder (if required) and the balance of 10% of the purchase price is due 30 days after the final pricing is agreed upon and all revisions to the contract are executed.

STEP 3 – FINANCING Once the contract is finalized you may work with our recommended lender(s) to secure financing for your new home. There are numerous financing packages available and we will help you select the best option for you situation.

STEP 4 – BLUEPRINTS While you are obtaining your financing commitment, we will be preparing your home plan blueprints and will include the design modifications that are noted in your change orders. All change orders require a minimum of 25% down on the total amount due.

STEP 5 – SELECTIONS Prior to the start of construction you will need to make your decisions regarding colors, cabinetry, lighting, carpeting, tile, etc. We will arrange a schedule for you to meet with our selections coordinator, as well as various material suppliers and vendors to make this process smooth and efficient.

STEP 6 – PERMIT Once financing has been secured and plans are completed, we can submit to the appropriate building department for a permit to start building your new home.

STEP 7 – CONSTRUCTION Construction can begin as soon as a building permit is issued. At this point, you can figure on approximately 150-180 days of actual construction time and we will keep you informed every step of the process.