Comfortable – Efficient – Healthy – Durable

Faganel Builders has been building comfortable, highly efficient, healthy, safe, quiet and durable home since 1991. Today, our commitment to improving our construction techniques continues and we are continuing to stay ahead of the Green Building Science curve in residential housing.

We use green cellulose insulation in all of our homes, which is made of recycled paper products and has proven to have higher insulation qualities than traditional insulation materials. Highly efficient windows and doors are standard, low VOC paints and stains are used, state of the art HVAC systems are in every home and much, much more is part of every Faganel Builders Built-Smart® home.

As you view this section of our website you will learn why owning a Faganel built home is unique and an investment that will save you money and provide a comfortable, healthy, safe, quiet and durable environment for generations. We Guarantee it!

Faganel tests every home in verify our stringent efficiency standards are obtained.

We don’t just say our homes are more comfortable and energy-efficient…we prove it. Our homes are tested using the most recent industry standards including blower door and infrared camera scanning to confirm our systems built into each home are correctly installed and working properly.

Faganel Builders offers heating and cooling cost guarantees, as well as an exclusive comfort guarantee with every home we build. Our homes have earned the highest rating possible from Energy Star and the National Association of Home Builders Association Green Building Council and consistently performs in the top 10% of all homes built.

When you own a Faganel Home you not only get affordable style, design and functionality, you have one of the best built, comfortable and energy-efficient homes available today. Guaranteed!

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